In memory of Most Venerable Reverend Share K Lew March 1918 – July 2012

Grandmaster Share K Lew was orphaned as young boy, and befriended by a wandering monk named Chen Poi near his village of LongDe Li (Dragon Virtue Village) near the city of Toisan, China. Along with five other young boys, Chen Poi took him to Wong Lung Kwan (Yellow Dragon Monastery) a Taoist monastery on Mount Luofu in southern China. For the next thirteen years he lived at GuiLin Gaun (Acacia Grove Temple) and studied Dao Dan Pai with Chen Poi at the monastery. Along the way he learned the Tai Chi Ruler system from Chao JungWa, before leaving for San Francisco in 1948, just ahead of being swept up by the communist revolution. While in San Francisco he studied the Hung Sing style of Choy Li Fut with his uncle 26th generation Grandmaster Lau Ben. In 1959, he accepted his first non-chinese student to learn martial arts, but it wasn’t until 1970 after opening the Daoist Sanctuary in Los Angeles that he in began teaching the internal arts to non-chinese students, giving instruction in the medical, martial and temple arts. He moved to San Diego in 1979 and began teaching workshops, private classes and taking health appointments.

With much gratitude I give thanks to Grandmaster Lew, for I am one of those students who was given a opportunity to learn the Tao Ahn Pai system from him.

Share K Lew in his early days

Ven. Rev.Thomas McCombs DO
HeFeng DaoShi Abbot of Jin Dan Gaun
The Golden Elixir Temple An Academy for Daoist Study

I met my Sihing HeFeng DaoShi (School Elder-Brother Ridgecrest Junction Way Teacher) in 1980, when he began my training in the DaoDanPai (Way of The Elixir School). Our Sifu (School Father) is Share K. Lew, 25th Generation Master of DaoDanPai. Sihing introduced me to Sifu Lew early in my training. We travelled with Sifu Lew to his home town (LongDe Li, Dragon-Virtue Village) and Daoist Temple (Wong Lung Guan, the Yellow Dragon Temple), in 1990 & 1998. Sihing knew that on the first day of class that The Way of The Elixir would transform and restore my life so profoundly that I would be compelled to teach “The Way” for the rest of my life.

  Sijo Dr. Carl Totton
Director of the Taoist Institute of Los Angeles

Abbott and Rector Zhong Fu Dao Guan (Inner Truth Way Temple) is an amazing human, who has shared his knowledge and wisdom with me. Although I having only been studying with Sijo only for the last few years, I have been profoundly influenced by his teachings.

Grandmaster Kenneth S. Cohen
The Qigong Research and Practice Center

Ken Cohen is a world-renowned health educator, China scholar, and Qigong Grandmaster. I began taking workshops and classes with Grandmaster Cohen beginning in early 1982 and several times a year well into the 1990s. My understanding of Taoism and Qi Gong were greatly enhanced by his teaching.

  Sihing Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D, Th.D, D.Min
Abbot of Flowering Heart Temple

I attend Sihing Michael Milner’s classes in Clearwater when ever I’m in Florida. I have found him to be a wonderful source for discussions of theory, technique, philosophy and practice as they arise.

In Memory of Master Steve Baugh Dashi

Dashi Steven Baugh Founder of the Lohan School of Shaolin Kung Fu of Las Vegas left this world March 17, 2019. Words cannot express what he meant to me and the legacy he left behind for the community. A very special individual who spread not only the teachings of his martial arts tradition, but the Dharma, the Dao, and Native American beliefs as well. Whenever I was in Las Vegas I attended his classes in Qi Gung and Tai Chi. He and I were school brothers of the Dao Dan Pai school. I will miss his friendship, his teaching, and his wisdom. His teaching style gave me a new insight on how to conduct my own classes.