Billy Woods (He Bao-pu DaoShi)

Whether you are curious about Qi Gong, or already have a disciplined practice, Spirit Gate Temple exists to help you learn. The teachers have been trained in the Daoist Elixir Style Lineage. We invite you to explore the different sections of the web site, including the blog, that will change often, where we explore goals and inspirations that will enhance your practice. Qi Gong brings ancient wisdom to the challenges of modern living, for health, healing and spiritual growth.


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Billy Woods is the Abbot of Spirit Gate Temple (Shen-men Gaun), teaching and studying Dao Dan Pai (Daoist Elixir Style), and deeply rooted in the teachings of Grand Master Lew, a resident monk from Wong Lung Gaun (Yellow Dragon Temple) in Canton China until the late 1940’s. In 1980 Billy began his studies in Boulder, Colorado with the Venerable Reverend Thomas McCombs D.O., and continued his studies with master teachers Grand Master Share K Lew, Grand Master Kenneth Cohen, Grand Master Steven Baugh, and Venerable Reverend Carl Totton. Billy has been teaching workshops nationally in the US since 1985.